Melbourne is Australia’s second most populous city. Located in the south-east corner of mainland Australia, it has been voted one of the world’s most liveable cities in the world and boasts an amazing choice of multi-cultural restaurants, boutiques, bars, galleries, parks and village-like inner suburbs.

Melbourne is also known for being the Shopping Capital of Australia, with an immense range of department stores and specialists shops scattered throughout lane ways and streets in the city center.

Traveling by public transport in Melbourne is cheap and well organized; it has one of the most sophisticated public transport networks in Australia. Whether you are making your way to work, study or shopping, there are services such as trains, buses and the city’s historic tram network that will get you to your destination.

Melbourne is a vibrant and culturally diverse city, with approximately forty-five percent of its population having been born overseas or to parents who were born overseas. It attracts international students from all around the world - about 100,000 international students currently live and study in the city. Whatever your interests may be, Melbourne is a fantastic place to live and learn. For more information please visit

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